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What is an alternator and what exactly it does?

By Hanna

Everyone’s heard of the “alternator” before. It’s time to understand once and for all what it is exactly, what role it plays in our car, and how we deal with it when it malfunctions


So What is an alternator? The alternator is a generator comprised of a magnetic coil and rod. When you start the vehicle’s engine, the rod begins to spin with the belt. The car alternator’s main function is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and use it to provide electric charging for the battery. Thus, it provides power to the rest of the vehicle’s electrical components.

As soon as the vehicle is switched on, the charging standards need to be between V13.5-V14.2. However, this can be variable depending on whether various electrical parts such as air-conditioning, lights, and wipers are active.


car alternator


Alternator failure: How do we know if the car alternator has failed?


There are several faults that indicate a problem:


  1. The ALT light is lit up on the dashboard – In such a situation, the car alternator is not charging the battery.
  2. Belt is torn – due to erosion and/or dehydration, the belt may tear. Check the belt when servicing the vehicle in order to prevent this.
  3. Overcharging – the alternator provides too much voltage to the battery. This is a dangerous situation, and the vehicle should be brought in to a mechanic as soon as possible.
  4. No charging light – In this case, there is a disconnect to the electrical current. In this situation it is advisable to take your car to the mechanic for servicing.


Changing alternator


You have an alternator failure … Do you get it refurbished or get a replacement or a change?


Generally, a refurbished alternator is significantly more economical than buying an entirely new one. Of course, the price also depends on the quality of the electric current produced and the type of car you drive.
People tend to think that if you need to change alternator, you should buy a new one, but this is not necessarily true.


If it’s properly refurbished by a professional, you can save a lot of money. However, if you decide to completely replace it, there’s absolutely no problem! Make sure that your new alternator is high quality, and don’t forget; going for the cheap option can sometimes be expensive in the end!


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The alternator is an electrical generator used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.   The alternator’s main function is to charge the car’s battery and power the electrical...

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