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4 Tips on how to cool your car without AC

By Nathaniel

With August right around the corner and this summer being one of the hottest on record, it’s time to think about other ways to cool your car besides using air conditioning.


in case your ac malfunctioned and you got stocked in a car without air conditioning, or you just wanna save a few bucks


Courtesy of Engie, here are 4 tips on how to lower temperatures and cool your car without raising fuel costs by using AC.



1. Ensure that your car is properly ventilated


While your car is parked throughout the day it accumulates heat and can feel like a sauna upon entrance. In order to quickly get rid of this heat, open all windows (and if you have a sunroof, open that too). This may seem obvious, but its importance cannot be understated. Since heat rises, once you start driving the fresh air will force the hot air out of the windows, rendering your car significantly cooler.


2. Leave your windows slightly open while parked


This tip is most appropriate for times when you’ve parked in secure locations, like your garage or a private lot. Leaving windows open even an inch can significantly cool your car. Thus, when you get in, you can enjoy your drive instead of being sweaty and miserable.


3. Plan to travel when it’s cooler outside


Are you going on a road trip this summer? If so, plan for your travel to coincide with the cooler parts of the day. Drive either early in the morning or later in the evening, as to avoid the brutally hot temperatures of the afteroon.
This tip will not only help keep you cool car without ac, but will also reduce your travel time since less people drive during those times.


car air conditioning


4. Place a wet cloth or ice pack at the front of the vents


You can build your own eco-friendly AC! All you have to do is put some moist cloths or ice packs at the front of the vents.
This causes the air that is pushed through the vents to be considerably cooler, lowering the temperature and raising your spirits.
P.S. Be sure to have some fresh ice packs or wet cloths for backup!


If you’ve gotten this far and are still not ready to give up on AC, you should know that using AC while driving can increase your fuel consumption by up to 10%. By opening your windows, you can save hundreds of dollars in fuel costs anually, as well as help save the environment.



Hope our tips helped you understand how to cool your car without AC


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Stay home and Stay safe!