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By Gal Aharon

The alternator is an electrical generator used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.


The alternator’s main function is to charge the car’s battery and power the electrical system while the engine is running. The alternator is directly attached to the engine and is driven by a drive belt.


Alternator problems


Alternators do not require any regular maintenance, they can last up to 8 years without any malfunctions. Upon failure, the car can still run on battery power for a short period of time before it dies due from battery depletion.


In this circumstance, the alternator should be replaced. Unfortunately, alternator repair unfortunately can be expensive, but it is still best to get it out of the way before more problems arise.


The easiest way to detect a problem with the alternator is to check it with the Engie app. Just open the alternator ticket in the dashboard to see an accurate reading and explanation of your car’s current voltage output. Never be in the dark about your alternator problems!


Do you have an alternator malfunction? Want to know how much an alternator repair costs?


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