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All About the Car Battery

By Hanna

What to do if you have an dead car battery?




How do you start your car?


Call a friend who has a car, and get some jumper cables!


  1. Set up the two cars facing each other
  2. Connect the red wire to the two plus openings and the black cable to the two minus openings.
  3. Start your friend’s car and wait a couple of minutes.
  4. Try to start the car; if it still doesn’t start, continue charging the car.
  5. Once you’ve managed to start the car, leave it connected for at least five minutes before disconnecting the cables, in order to prevent damage to the alternator.
  6. Disconnect the cables in the reverse order of their connection (minus first, then plus), and your dead car battery will be resurrected.
  7. If you haven’t yet done so while you were waiting, download the Engie app now to get information about your car battery!


The car battery is dead …Where can you buy a new car battery?


  1. Online
  2. General Stores
  3. Mechanics
  4. Roadside assistance



new car battery

A new car battery should last between 3-4 years, depending on the nature of your trips and its maintenance.



Car Battery Replacement Guide


  1. User safety note-Be sure to check the safety instructions in the owner’s manual and follow them closely.
  2. Make sure the ignition is turned off.
  3. Open the hood of the car and secure it with the help of the safety brackets.
  4. Uncover the car battery (in petrol consuming cars).
  5. First, loosen the screw with a minus sign, then do the same for the screw with a plus sign.
  6. Remove the battery bracket and support by pulling the lower edge of the retaining hole located at the base of the battery.
  7. To install a new car battery, follow the procedure in reverse order, and you will be all set for car battery replacement.


Several key points:


  1. A more expensive battery is not necessarily a better one
  2. When you purchase a car battery you must make sure that it matches your car’s type (in terms of amps and external dimensions).
  3. It’s very important to check the concentration of acid in car batteries and to get a battery with an acidity level that’s suitable to the conditions in your region.
  4. For example, car batteries in Israel must have a high resistance to heat and high resistance to vibration due to the nature of the roads there.
  5. Traveling abroad? Disconnect the minus cable so the car battery doesn’t empty while you’re away.


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