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Tips on How to Save Money on Gas

By Gal Aharon

It is a known fact the gas prices are on the rise. Despite what you might have thought, it’s possible to save money on gas without it requiring a great effort on your part.


here’s a few how to save fuel and fuel conservation tips



Driving habits – fuel saving tips


1. Drive less – one pf the most obvious fuel conservation tips, but somehow not obvious enough. try carpooling with people from work/school, plan your errands beforehand into one trip, or consider walking or biking for near-by pick ups in order to save on money and time!
2. Slow down – fast driving increases drag thus increasing fuel consumption. Try to drive smoothly and not to accelerate aggressively or slam on the brakes suddenly as that also increases your gas consumption.
3. Turn off the engine – if you are waiting in one place for some period of time, turn off the engine as it will save on gas and pollutants that are released into the atmosphere.
4. Turn off the AC – a working AC can pump up your gas consumption by 10%! Try no to use it too much, and instead roll down a window. it can save fuel for the longterm
5. Plan when and where you pump gas – avoid the convenient gas stations on the side of the road, that are normally more expensive. Also, try to pump during weekdays as on weekends gas prices tend to go up.
6. Remove unnecessary things from your trunk – as your car gets lighter, it will also use up less gas in order to move!




How to save fuel: Car maintenance


1. Tire pressure – you can save up to 3% on gas consumption if your tire pressure is correct. This also extends your tire life and of course maintains your safety.
2. Use the correct motor oil – using a wrong oil can cause the engine to work harder thus waste more gas.
3. Check you air filter – a clean air filter can improve your gas mileage by up to 10%.



We hope our How to Save Money on Gas tips were helpful


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