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The importance of creating marketing campaigns for your auto repair shop customers

By Paula Schleider

The number of vehicles on the roads and the number of auto repair shops are a growing trend. Customers have become more demanding with the service they receive at the workshop, and in order to fulfill their expectations, there are certain actions an auto repair shop should consider. In this context, the need to carry out marketing campaigns for your auto repair shop and have excellent promotional activities has become a must!

The goal of campaigns and promotions or other marketing activities is to encourage our clients to carry out a specific action regarding our business and to influence them through different processes to retain them in the long term. In order to keep your garage one step ahead of your competition, it is essential to share your value with your customers.   

Developing a successful promotional campaign requires to start with planning and analyzing what we want to achieve. Define your goals, your target audience, and the campaign concept before you start. Do not forget to also consider the needed resources for these first phases, both the human and the financial ones. Last but not least, it is recommended to define how to measure the campaign’s results and what will be considered a satisfying result. For example, to measure the number of new clients after releasing a new campaign.

We have gathered some tips to help your business stand out. See this step to step and start creating your own campaigns! 

Customer Retention

Set your Goals

The first step would be to understand where you want to go with your campaign (your KPIs), and therefore better understand who you want to target. It is important that your goals are SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic (possible to reach), and with a defined timeline. 

Use Social Media

Nowadays, digital tools are extremely necessary for any type of campaign. Businesses can be surrounded by many competitors, mainly in the mechanic industry and, creating social media pages that stand out in the digital world, could be fundamental. Advertising through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can extend the reach of your campaigns. Managing to be one of the first results on search engines like Google or Yahoo, transmits great credibility to your business and campaign.

Promote Campaigns that Attract your Public

Campaigns and ads that involve creativity and play with humor, are always great alternatives to grab attention and get your clients to know your services. Finding ways that are not the traditional concepts will be better for your ​​workshop, as the use of innovative ways to communicate is fundamental to differentiate your business.

 Create and Offer Promotions

Having some deals and promotions could be a quick and efficient way to gain the attention of new customers and even of those who are already clients of your workshop. Offering unique discounts, customized packages and having different payment methods are key tools in this process.

Develop the Image of your Company

Investing in the image of your brand is a great way to ensure credibility and create brand awareness among your customers. The role of brands is to create differentiation from competitors,  so their perception can change from something generic to a specific understanding. A well-structured positioning is accomplished through branding, which consists of all the work done to make the brand more known, more desired, and with a positive concept on the minds and hearts of your customers. Positioning a brand is the act of developing the image of the company until it has a strong place in the customer’s mind, and creating marketing campaigns for your auto repair shop will be a great tool to build it and improve it. 

Get the ball rolling! 

Being on the top of mind of your customers requires working on exposing your auto repair shop. A good campaign must be developed with the above tips and in an organized way. Do not forget that it will be necessary to set goals, boost the use of social networks, and create valuable promotions. 

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