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How to avoid customer complaints in your auto repair shop

By Paula Schleider

No one likes to receive customer complaints. In cases where customers feel that they were mistreated, they can file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission or publish a bad review on social media channels. How great would it be if we could prevent them from happening?

Imagine a world of satisfied customers where your business is thriving. Some tend to think that in order to achieve customer satisfaction, all that is needed to be done is to greet customers when they enter your shop. This is, of course, an important part. But, other than a warm welcome, customers expect you to take care of them in an effective and immediate way.

Read this blog post to learn how to create customer satisfaction and how to avoid customer complaints. Perfect your business, it will lead you to success!

Use different channels of communication

There are several channels through which your customers could interact with your business. Try to always be specific with the information shared out there, no matter if it is a detailed website page, a blog post, a social media page or a face to face interaction, as this will help your customers to feel 100% confident with your service. Using diverse channels of communication allows you to be in constant contact with your clients and enables them to easily express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. That way, you can proactively solve any claim or undesired situation that has occurred. Make sure your social media channels are active, so your customers can trust your auto repair shop and you can be updated about any issues that arise in real time.   

Use new technologies

The use of new technologies will help you and your customers to communicate in an easy and fluid way. This applies for both, employees and customers, who can get information in a faster and more accessible way. Thus, enhancing customer communication efficiency.

Other than using the ‘good old’ phone to sell your product and/or service, we also recommend a variety of other technological options such as different social media networks that will also help potential customers to find out more about you. Another technology that could help your garage is a mobile application. By using an app, your clients will have easy access to your company’s information and will be able to communicate and express themselves comfortably. One example is our own app, Engie App, click here to find out more 🙂 

Offer quality service

Training employees who are responsible for customer service is very important for your customers’ satisfaction. Your car repair shop must solve any claim or request on the first call they receive. Thus, your customers will feel well-cared form gaining their loyalty and even recommending your garage among their friends. You should always try to have all the information related to any issue with a client, so you can deal with it easily and well informed. Communication must be open, flexible, sincere and transparent.  

Be personal but professional

Always try to establish a friendly relationship with your client so that they feel confident. Allow your personality to the conversation to give a good impression and call them by their names; you will be able to see how this adds value to their relationship with your shop and how it makes them feel more comfortable with your services. Their impression of your repair shop improves when you make them feel unique, and that will reflect positively on your customers’ satisfaction.

Thank your customers for choosing you

Like in any other business, your customers have alternatives. Always take a minute to let them know you appreciate their visit, we assure you this can make a big change.

Customer complaints can harm your business, therefore reducing them, preventing them and being fully aware of them will have a positive impact on your business. “Happy customers” will be the key to the success of your garage. 

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