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Car repair Shop using internet

How to attract more customers to your car repair shop using the internet

By Paula Schleider

A mechanical workshop can be a very profitable business and an excellent profession if you are passionate about cars. But, attracting new customers to visit your shop can be challenging, as this is not your main expertise as a mechanic. So, here we are to help! We have gathered some useful tips to increase your shop’s visibility inside the digital world, in order to attract more customers to your car repair shop using the internet.

Social Media Presence

All the auto repair shops should be present and active on social media. We recommend you to have accounts on the main ones, which are Facebook and WhatsApp. You can also open accounts for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you like to share content in the form of video tutorials, YouTube is THE place to do it. Additionally, we highly recommend you to add your repair shop to Google Maps and Waze, so your customers can navigate to your shop with a single click.

How to add your auto repair shop to Google Maps (step by step)

  1. To add your shop to Google Maps, visit Google My Business. Sign up with your shop’s Gmail account.
  2. Click on Add Your Business and fill in the form with the details of your shop.
  3. Double check that the location on the map is correct, if it is not correct, please update it manually. At the end of this step press the Send button.
  4. To validate your provided information, Google will send you an email with a code. You will need to log in to your company’s profile to complete the registration.
  5. The verification email may take some time to arrive, but once you sign in again after receiving it, it can take up to 24 hours for your business to appear on Google Maps.

How to add your repair shop to Waze (step by step)

  1. Download the Waze app on your phone, it is available on Google Play and App Store and it is a free app.
  2. Create an account or if you already have one, log in with it.
  3. Click on the button in the lower right corner and choose the option Place.
  4. Take a good picture of the front part of your shop and add it.
  5. Enter the name of your workshop and complete the required information.
  6. Now it is time to wait for the Waze Community to approve it.
  7. You will be able to add and edit information about your company through your account and the settings, so you can make sure your customers recognize your business and/or to contact you in the easiest way.


Car Repair shop using internet

Create an official website for your auto repair shop

Having an official website is essential. Not only to expose your contact information but also to show the products and services you offer. You can also post images, videos, and events, as well as links to your social media profiles. Having a website makes your company look professional, transmitting more confidence to clients.  A website will help your auto repair shop to stand out, appear more on Google searches and will also increase the exposure and interest of new customers. There are several platforms with which you can create your own website. It is simple and fast! Our recommendations are Wix, Yola, Website.com, and Webnode.

Professional email account

If you still use a free email, such as mymechanic@gmail.com, it is likely that the image of your garage will get affected. You can improve it by using a professional email address, such as info@mymechanic.com. You can easily create an email of this type with the Google G Suite service, or through Wix, in case you are using their services.

Why do most auto repair shops struggle to get customers online?

We strongly believe that all of us that live in the 21st century, understand the importance of digital marketing, but we may be lacking in time or experience to put it into practice. We recommend you to get some help from an experienced friend or a close colleague, or to hire a digital marketing consulting service. But please, do not give up on this task!

There are different ways to modernize your auto repair shop. It is important to always be on the lookout for progress and to search for tools that can improve your daily work, teamwork and your customer service. You can find several technological tools to facilitate these tasks for you and your car repair shop using the Internet, like platforms that can help you manage clients, promotional campaigns and social media accounts. We assure you that these solutions will help you retain customers and attract new ones.

Engie Connect helps auto repair shops, dealerships, and car agencies to manage their customers and promotions. It has an advanced technology that allows you to assist them remotely through a mobile app. You can read more about this solution here.

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