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Should I build or should I buy an off-the-shelf auto repair retention software?

By Paula Schleider

The world nowadays is becoming more and more digitized. Every day there are new competitors that carry out more efficient processes through the use of new technologies. The wide variety of options that customers have with the sole touch of a screen, makes customer retention more important than ever before. And how are you moving forward with these technologies? How about learning more regarding the available options for auto repair retention software?

One of the best tools that you can use to achieve high levels of client retention is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This kind of software allows you to gather, process and store valuable information about your clients. Through it, you will be able to offer tailor-made solutions that will add value to your services and make your customers want to come back to your shop. Retention tools help maintain contact with your clients, either through the different types of marketing campaigns, offers, promotions or through other tools that the system may offer to help you gain their loyalty.

A CRM software can be of great help with the daily tasks of your shop, and it is also essential when it comes to strategic KPIs like improving customers’ loyalty. Platforms designed for repair shops will give you access to information such as the repair history of each car to give them proper follow-up processes, as well as to generate appointments, designate the person in charge of each case, and to register the payment and billing methods. You will also be able to store your clients’ information, such as email address, phone number, mileage, and set reminders and campaigns. There are different kinds of software that specialize in providing follow-ups to the required services of each one of your clients, we recommend you to check out Engie Connect here.

The use of a CRM retention software can provide you with great potential to boost the growth of your shop. Yet, you must be aware that there are several challenges when it comes to its implementation. First, you will need to verify that your shop counts with the needed infrastructure, processes and training methods. For example, you will need to understand in a deeper way the concepts of connectivity, data privacy, security, storage, and data backup as you will be managing some of these from now on. To make sure that the system is going to be used in the correct way, you must consider training the employees that will be using the CRM. Training always prevents confusion and it will help to manage their time better.

software for auto repair shop

Pros and Cons

There are several challenges that may arise when it comes to implementing new CRM software. They depend on whether you decide to buy a customized one or a ready-to-use system made specifically for mechanic shops.

One of the biggest advantages of acquiring a customized retention software is that you will be able to build and modify it according to your shop’s specific needs. This will enable you to adapt easily to its implementation and use, making a more efficient experience out of it. However, a disadvantage could be its cost, as for medium and small shops, it is less convenient and its development can take weeks or even months.

In the case of ready-to-use software, we can see that it fits better auto repair shops that do not count with a big marketing budget. One of their main advantages, apart from being affordable, is that you can use them right after their acquisition. This allows you to start gathering and storing your clients’ information right away.

However, these types of auto repair retention software are built for garages in general, without considering the particular demands of each shop. Thus their customization may be a bigger challenge.

In conclusion, we believe that in most cases it is more convenient to buy a ready-to-use software. The reason behind this is that creating a personalized software from scratch is usually not worth the money and time that it demands. Additionally, the differences between one and the other are often not big enough to justify the extra cost. Despite this, no matter what option you choose, you will need to have a clear vision of the importance of using this kind of technology. To carry out this vision, the entire team must be on the same page and fully aligned. Only by doing this will you be able to take your mechanic shop to a higher level and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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