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Gestión de Flotillas

5 tips to make your dealership stand out from the competition

By Paula Schleider

Finding ideas for marketing activities to enhance the sales of cars can be difficult for both small and large dealerships. However, it is not impossible. You do not need to come up with brilliant ideas to make your dealership stand out and get more sales and this why in this blog, we have collected 5 simple tips to help you win more customers and become the best used cars dealer!

Gestión de Flotillas

Segmentation: evaluate and categorize the market

Consumers are different and this is why it is very important to know and understand them. In some industries, they behave in a more traditional way, and in some others, they are open to new ways, such as digital alternatives. Having said this, we need to think about our target audience: are they new drivers, women, men, seniors, city or countryside drivers, etc.? There is also a need to categorize the cars we sell, for example, popular cars, newer or older models, fast cars, family cars, small cars, work cars, etc. We strongly recommend you to evaluate the prices of your competitors based on the above categories. Once this is done, try to find a marketing line that goes with each of them. For example, “Back to School” can be a good season for a small-cars campaign, inviting college students to find their first car.

It’s all about your salesforce

Keep your sales team spoiled. It is always recommended to train them and make them grow in the areas of their interest. Create team-building events, invite them to sessions about updates of the market or of new cars in the market. Your sellers need to be in love with cars, they need to show their passion to the clients, and the above are just a few examples of how you can achieve this. Additionally, encourage good commissions between your team members and internal competition (in a healthy way) to keep their motivation up.

Appearance and enhanced assurance    

Many customers are afraid to buy used cars because they do not know who owned it before nor the types of problems the car may have encountered in the past. With this in mind, and after knowing your target audience, always make them feel comfortable with the car you are offering them. Select your cars in a “hand-picked” way and let them know the importance that this represents for your dealership. Have them always clean (in the outside and inside), repair the painting or any other defect, and use a special perfume so they can feel a clean odor. This will make you look professional and will give confidence to your buyers.

The use of senses-  the touch effect

Usually, when a customer is doubting whether he should buy a car or not, it will be of great help to invite him to feel and see the car. provide customers with full experience as if they already acquired it. Offer some driving tests, invite them to enter the car and to sit and feel how comfortable it is, just as if the car were already theirs. This technique always pushes the decision of our doubting customer.


Use different tools of technology to make your business more attractive. For example, give them a free tech gadget, find a way to take care of them through different CRM retention tools, use virtual reality, etc. For example, Thompsons Toyota in California uses virtual reality to give its customers the chance of a 3-D tour/view of the car. You can also see here how Engie Connect offers a technology tool that will upgrade your sales process.

In addition, do not forget to use social media channels to communicate with current clients and potential clients. We recommend you have activity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online news sites and some ads, either on the mentioned social media platforms or on Google.

These tips aim to make your dealership stand out and be competitive by creating a special experience for your clients and therefore, standing out from other dealers. Let us know your thoughts on this topic or any other recommendations you may have here

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