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Best sources to catch the latest trends in the automotive industry

By Paula Schleider

If you want to improve your business, you need to constantly search for new trends and market news.

But we all know that mechanics are often very busy because of their intense workload, and may not have enough time to look for new information channels.

Relax, we have a solution!

Engie recognizes the importance of this, so we have put together the best information channels for you to learn, get to know and use the latest trends in the automotive industry.

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Facebook Groups

These help to share information, news, and experiences in an easier way, while they also allow interaction among their members. Quickly and instantly, mechanics can get new solutions and opportunities. Check out Mechanics Mix, which is one of the largest Facebook groups for mechanics in the United States. Other related groups include Autobody repair,  Tools groups, where you can buy and sell 2nd hand items and a group named: Mechanics who hate customers. Perhaps some of you can relate 🙂  

Resources for latest trends in automotive industry

Magazines and Newspapers

These type of media are more traditional but in the mechanic world, it tends to offer good articles that communicate the most relevant information on the market. The topics are reliable, relevant and will bring up-to-date news for your business. Car and Driver is one of the most read magazines in the US, offering information about the automotive world. Other interesting magazines to follow are Automobile Magazine and Autonews


An event provides a more complete and integrated immersion into the market. You can learn about the new trends, launches, services and market solutions in one place. In addition, it is a perfect environment for exchanging information and creating new connections. Automative Industry events

Papers and Surveys

Automotive trends papers and surveys will help you to deepen your knowledge and give you a more critical and creative look at the industry. They are usually developed by big and trustworthy institutions, therefore, the information they contain is more credible. McKinsey & Co had recently published a report about the auto aftermarket industry. Other related reports are published by IHS Markit, Accenture and more.


The automotive community has pertinent participation on YouTube. Great channels of mechanics have been succeeding because of the quality of the content of their videos. They are usually dynamic and short videos, where information and news are shared, and generate relevant discussions.

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