Engie Connect

Remotely connect with new and existing customers when they have a fault or an upcoming maintenance service

Try Engie Connect
Try Engie Connect

Diagnose your customers' cars remotely 

Track the car's mileage and upcoming maintenance services

Provide a VIP service and get your clients back to the shop

The Engie Connect Platform

Main Features

Fault Diagnostics

Get real time diagnostics
and fault alerts.

Mileage tracking

Track the car's mileage and get alerts on maintenance services.

Messages and campaigns

Activate automated campaigns and contact your customers when they need you.


Receive quote requests from your customers and easily send price estimations.

VIP Service

Provide your customers the VIP service they deserve.

Special offers

Provide your customers special offers and exclusive promotions.

Armed with this information, you can:

recover avoidable costs, more accurately schedule repairs, and keep vehicles on the road.

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How Does it Work?

The driver connects to his car through Engie’s OBD device

The mechanic receives the data and insights via Engie app

Get Engie Connect

Increase your customer's visits

Get a special price for your shop