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Top 5 Car Safety Gadgets

By Nathaniel

Your car safety is not something that should be treated lightly. As driving being a daily matter, you should always keep your safety in mind. Although during time, our cars became much safer, there are still some areas that haven’t been covered by the car manufacturers. Good thing that there are websites like Gadget my Car that take care of the little things that are still missing in most of the cars. Want to see what are we talking about?


Check out these 5 handpicked car safety gadgets that will make you feel much more confident on your next ride:




Tirely - Tyre Air Pressure System


Driving with deflated tyres increases the chance for puncture, tire wear and might result in loss of traction. To be honest, we don’t always check our tyre pressure once a week as recommended by the tyre manufacturers. For that purpose, we suggest you use Tirely.


Tirely offers you real-time monitoring and alarm system that shows the tyre pressure, temperature and battery voltage on a clear LCD display. How does it work? Each tire gets a sensor that transmits an accurate measurement to the control unit and in case you’re getting below the recommended tyre pressure, Tirely will alert you.


For more details: Tirely



Portable Car Jump Starter


Car Charging Kit


Did you ever forget your lights on for a few hours and found out that your battery is drained? Well even an Engie device can’t prevent that (yet). Getting stuck with your car can be frustrating, but if you have a portable car jump starter – it won’t be a hassle. Just connect your battery to the portable car jumper, start your engine, and that’s it! You’re good to go! Just one of those things that you will ask yourself later: “How didn’t I get it before?”.


For more details: Portable Car Jump Starter





Engie Device


You didn’t see that one coming, huh? Well here at Engie take your car safety seriously, there is no doubt that a car that is connected to Engie is a much safer car. Not only that the app alerts you when a malfunction occurs, but it also explains how severe the fault is, and whether you should fix it ASAP or you can keep on driving. On top of that, we will notify you whenever your car battery or alternator are going dead, so there’s no way that you’re getting stuck ever again!


Sound good? Get it here: Engie



Emergency Escape Tool


Emergency Escape Tool


Well, this one we really hope you won’t ever need to use, but in a case of an emergency it can be a life saver! This clever little keychain packs 2 main features that will make any getaway easy. On the one side, it’s an emergency hammer made of stainless steel that easily breaks car glass, and on the other side it’s a razor-sharp blade that cuts swiftly through jammed seat belts. Both are packed in this neat keychain size package. We already have one in our glove compartment, how about you?


For more details: Emergency Escape Tool



360° Blind Spot Mirror


360 Mirror


There are so many situations whilst driving in which we need to get as many information about our environment as possible. Driving along a crowded street or reverse parking can be real tricky, especially when there are so many distractions. Installing a 360° blind spot mirror can prevent that uncomfortable feeling by increasing the view angle of your side mirrors. With this little car gadget, you won’t suffer from blind spots any more.


For more details: 360° Blind Spot Mirror


Although we picked only 5 car safety gadgets for this post, there are so many car gadgets that will make your life much easier on the road. We hope that you will embrace some of the ideas, as they can change the way you’re driving.

Stay home and Stay safe!