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How to save money in car maintenance?

By Nathaniel

Over its lifetime, every car will encounter its fair share of problems. Unfortunately, we are often unable to understand these problems on our own and are forced to place complete reliance and trust onto a professional mechanic to tell us what is wrong. 


For many, the experience of visiting a mechanic is often one of uncomfortableness and vulnerability. This feeling generally accompanies us during the ongoing maintenance and especially during a fault. These faults, which may occur at anytime, usually leave us asking the same questions – how urgent is it to get to a mechanic? Where can I get the best price? Can I trust my mechanic?


This is exactly why we developed Engie. Here at Engie, our mission is to prevent the hassle of visiting the mechanic and to help you take some part in the process.


engie app - save money at the repair shop  



How often did you ask yourself is there an auto body repair shops near me?


What is Engie’s Solution?


    1. The Engie application monitors your car during a ride in real time by keeping track of fuel consumption, engine temperature, and even the battery usage.


    1. Engie locates faults in your car and notifies the driver with detailed descriptions of each fault.


  1. Engie provides its users with simple price comparisons from different mechanics in the user’s area.


How does Engie Work and will it find an auto repair shops near me?


After downloading the Engie app and simply connecting our sleek device into your car’s OBD port (available in all benzine engines since 2002 and all diesel engines since 2005), Engie will scan your vehicle, and send its information over Bluetooth to your phone. This includes faults, details on current trips, and other useful information.  


engie device


As soon as Engie detects a fault or it is time for a scheduled maintenance checkup, Engie will provide a price list from mechanics in the user’s area.


In addition, users will be able to review mechanics based on their ratings and comments from other users, from a repair shop near you.


 engie app - find out the nearest repair shop


Sounds Good? How can you use Engie too?


All you need to do is download our free application for Android or iPhone and then order our device from this link


What’s next for Engie?


Our goal is to be the “one stop shop” for everything related to your car. From mechanic price comparisons to ordering auto insurance, Engie is building towards a future that has only one thing in mind: to save our users time and money!



Stay home and Stay safe!