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Choosing tyres: How to Choose the Right Car Tyres

By Hanna

Having the proper tyres on your car can easily be the difference in driving safely and an accident. If you’re not sure if you may need to buy new tyres, or what type of tyre to choose from here are the signs to look for:


  • Driving ExperienceIf you notice a sudden change in your driving experience it may be time to change your tyres. If your car experiences an unusual amount of shaking and vibrating, it may indicate an internal problem or that your tyres are simply worn out.


  • Deformations or cracks on the tyreOld or worn out tyres often develop deformations and cracks. If you notice any bulges or bubbles sticking out from the tyre, get to your mechanic immediately. These weak spots are extremely dangerous and are capable of blowing out.  


  • Damage- You should inspect your tyres regularly and search for any signs of damage. These include uneven tread wear, shallow tread, abnormal cracks, and foreign objects like rocks or nails. Even exposure to extreme weather can damage your tyres beyond repair. As it is normal for tyres to develop cracks as they age or are exposed to extreme weather conditions, some cracks do not require replacement tyres. However, if you notice an abnormal amount of cracks, it may be time for buy new tyres.





Choosing tyre size


So, you decided to buy a new set of tyres but you are not sure which ones will suit best your car? No worries! We will help you pick the right set:


  • Check your tyre size: To get the maximum safety and highest level of performance out of your car, you should always replace your tyres with the size recommended by the car’s manufacturer. This information can be found either in your car’s driver’s manual or located on the sticker on the driver’s side door. You will also find all the information on your tyre size and specifications as well as the appropriate tyre pressure.


Can’t find your tyre size? Check the tyre: Look for the numbers and letters on the sidewall of one of your tyres, you will find there all the data you need.


Basically there are two things you should be interested in while choosing tyre size:


195/65 R15  91H


  1. 195 – Is the width of the tyre in millimeters.
  2. 65 – This is the aspect ratio
  3. R –  Means the tyre is radial
  4. 15 – This indicates the wheel diameter that the tyre will fit.
  5. 91 – This is the load index of the tyre. 
  6. H – Indicates the maximum speed at which this tyre can be driven.


DOT 4216


  1. 4216 – This number indicates when the tyre was produced. The first two numbers represent the week of the year that the tyre was produced (42) and the second two numbers indicate the year (2016).


  • Define your needs and compare tyres: Once you know your car’s tyre size, you should then define what kind of tyres you need. This will depend on your personal driving style, the weather conditions you expect to drive in, and the roads you drive on. Different tyres come in different prices,  have different lifespans and performance characteristics, and are intended for different weather conditions.  



Buying new tyres


What not to buy: When buying new tyres for your car you should always avoid:


  • Mismatched sets- Although it may be seem more cost effective at the time to only replace the damaged tyre or tyres, we recommend buying a complete matching set.  Replacing all your tyres at once will allow you to better maintain your tyres, asses and repair suspension problems. Replacing all four tyres at once will also ensure the highest level of safety and maximum handling.


  • Used tyres– While it may seem like a good idea to save some money, it is not recommended to buy used tyres. As it is usually impossible to know where the tyres have been or how they have been used, we recommend   always buying new tyres. This will ensure maximum safety and will help avoid unnecessary additional visits to the mechanic.



Our car’s tyres are easily one of the most important parts of our cars. The quality and condition of the tyres can often be the difference between driving safely to where we need to go and getting into an accident.


Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain our tyres year round by checking them frequently and replacing them when needed. Hoped we helped you choosing tyre, and Just remember: if you ever have any doubt about your tyres, head to your local mechanic immediately!


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