Important Update

We are sorry to let you know that as of April 20th 2020 Engie will stop its services.

Engie was founded from a personal pain of fixing the car in an uncertain environment, our vision to make a better experience for car repair and maintenance has led us through the whole time.
Engie helped drivers and service providers to better connect and communicate based on connected car technology that creates insights on the car’s health and maintenance.

Unfortunately, recently the company has faced difficulties during the COVID19 pandemic which forced us to stop the services for our dear customers.

We believe Engie has made an impact and took a part in the transformation of the automotive industry, we hope our vision will be fulfilled and that car repair and maintenance will be as simple as buying a book on Amazon.

We wish to thank everyone who took part in this amazing journey, you made it worthwhile.

Sincerely yours,

Alon Hendelman
Co-founder & CEO

Stay home and Stay safe!