Engie Fleet

Simply maintain your fleet

Connect seamlessly to your fleet, tackle car diagnostic issues proactively and level up your service by tracking maintenance

Try Engie Fleet
Try Engie Fleet

Why choose Engie Fleet

Fault diagnostics

Get real time diagnostics
and fault alerts.

Maintenance tracking

No more excel sheets and paper work, easily track your fleet's maintenance services.

Fleet driving data

Locate your cars in real time, track fuel consumption, costs and
monitor driving behavior.


Send maintenance
messages and notify
each driver personally.

Armed with this information, you can

prevent avoidable costs, accurately schedule repairs and keep vehicles on the road.

The Engie Fleet platform

How does it work?

The driver connects to his car through Engie’s OBD device

The fleet manager receives the data and insights via Engie app

Get Engie Fleet

Save time and money by receiving automatic alerts
about potential problems and maintenance services.

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