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Never be in the Dark about Headlamps

By Nathaniel

Headlamps are extremely important for your safety while driving. They help you see the road better and they help other drivers see you on the road. While a new headlamp is cheap, the mechanic’s labor costs can make them a lot more expensive. Although, what most people don’t realize is how easy headlamps are to replace, so let us help you out.


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Deciding what bulb to purchase


There are currently 3 types of headlights on the market: Halogen, Xenon, and LED.




The oldest and cheapest option, these bulbs are expected to burn out the quickest. Most cars are fitted for these lights, which are best for long-range night vision. There are also some bulbs which claim to be more energy efficient or provide brighter beams, we recommend reading reviews to check the veracity of these claims.





These bulbs should last much longer than halogen bulbs, however they are much better for short-distance night vision. Only some cars come fitted for Xenon bulbs, however there are kits available to convert your lights. It is important to note that the conversion kit must include self-levelling and cleaning headlamps systems.



LED (Light Emitting Diodes)


Definitely the best option, if money is not the issue. They are very bright and you can expect them to last the lifetime of the car, making syre you won’t have to restore headlamps for a long time.  The only drawback of these bulbs is that the car must be purchased with the fitting for them and there are no kits to convert your car to LED bulbs.



Car headlamps replacement


  1. Purchase the correct bulb for your car
    1. Read the owner’s manual or search online for the bulb that fits your car
  2. Open the hood of your car and find the headlamp housing
  3. Remove the power connecter and dust cover from the back of the headlamp
    1. Possibly requires twisting
  4. Take the bulb out of the housing
  5. Remove the new bulb from the packaging
    1. Use a tissue or a rag to hold the lamp
    2. Don’t touch the glass of the lamp, otherwise it may lead to the bulb prematurely dying
  6. Place the bulb in the socket and put the housing back in
  7. Reattach the wiring and close your hood
  8. Start the car and test the head light to make sure it is working
  9. And finally don’t forget about cleaning headlamps


Now that you know more about headlights, how to install them, car headlamps replacement and how to restore headlamps, you are able to save yourself plenty of money. You may either purchase the bulbs online or travel to a local car parts store. We hope your driving stays bright!


The Engie Team