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Spark plug

Spark Plug

By Gal Aharon

Although a small piece of equipment, spark plugs are a critical component of combustion engines that pack a big punch. The plugs bridge electricity across a gap, producing a lightning bolt-type current used to ignite combustion engines and ultimately power your vehicle.


There is typically only one spark plug per cylinder, so failing spark plugs can result in non-combusted fuel, a dangerous thing to have freely pumping through your internal engine components. Therefore, it’s very important that you understand how a spark plug functions, and know when and how to service them.


Spark plugs are located at the top of each cylinder head. The piston begins by moving down the cylinder, filling up with a mixture of fuel and air. Next, the piston is compressed towards the spark plug. Right when the piston is near the top dead center (TDC), the spark plug emits an electric current, igniting the mixture and forcing the piston down back down the cylinder. This action of forcing the piston via fuel combustion creates the energy to power your vehicle. The exhaust is then cleared, and the process begins all over again.


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Spark Plug Replacement Cost


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Spark plug

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