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החלפת רדיאטור לרכב

Car Radiator

By Gal Aharon

Radiators are heat exchangers that transfer thermal energy from one material to another. Radiators always increase the heat transfer to their environment, whether it be for the purpose of heating the environment or cooling the fluid within it.


In cars, most radiators function as engine coolers, transferring thermal energy to the environment to maintain proper operating temperature.


To cool down the engine, typically a water-based coolant passes through the engine block, absorbing heat. The hot coolant flows into the radiator, where it travels through tubes to a tank on the opposite end of the radiator.


As the coolant passes through these tubes, most of its heat is transferred to fins before being released to the surrounding air. The fins have higher contact area than tubes, allowing them to release thermal energy efficiently. The coolant is then cycled back to the engine, and the process repeats.


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car Radiator


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