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Heater Matrix

Heater Matrix

By Gal Aharon

The heater matrix is a small radiator responsible for warming up air inside your vehicle.


The heater matrix functions by taking hot water (coolant) from your engine through a hose to the matrix. A ventilation fan forces the air through the heater matrix, warming it up before delivering it to the interior vehicle cabin.


In air-blending systems, the matrix is constantly hot. When you turn on the heat inside the cabin, the heater matrix pulls cool air in from outdoors, blending it with hot air from the engine to deliver warm air to the passengers.


Some signs of damage to the heater matrix include the build-up of condensation inside the car. This could signal coolant leakage. Another issue is if you turn on the heat and only receive cold air. This could be a sign that the car has run out of coolant, which is why the air is not being warmed from excess engine heat in the heater matrix.


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Heater Matrix

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