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Expansion Valves - Air Conditioning

Expansion Valves – Air Conditioning

By Gal Aharon

As part of the air conditioning unit, expansion valves are a crucial component that regulate the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator.


Too much refrigerant flow will cause the evaporator core to freeze over, while too little will cause it to overheat. Both scenarios are easy to detect, as the AC unit will blow out air that is either much hotter or colder than expected.


How do expansion valves know when to open and close? Expansion valves employ temperature sensing bulbs, filled with similar gas as in the AC system.


These bulbs detect temperature changes, affecting the pressure in the bulb and pushing the spring to close or open the valve accordingly.


Need your expansion valve replaced?


Replacments typically range from $150-$500 depending on your model.


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Expansion Valves - Air Conditioning

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